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thanks & gratitude

love & blood was made possible in large measure through the generosity of these good souls who pledged to this kickstarter campaign in fall 2014.

Matt Hiland

Michelle Estrada

Michael Downie & Laurie Dunnavant

Mike Martin

Mo McMorrow

Monty Brekke

Morgan Ryan

Nancy Coplin

Nancy Norris

Pat Sanborn

Patricia Phifer

Patrick Cook

Patrick Smith

Penny Ney

Rakefet Avramovitz

Regan Brown

Riki Saltzman

Robert Jacobs

Rusty Nelson

Selena Fisher

Shelley King

Stacy Lieder

Stefanie Fix

Stephen Patterson

Steve Uhler

Stweart Moser

Sue Breland

Sue Young

Susan Poag

Tamara Dwyer

Vanessa Lively

Virginia Maxwell

Wendy Goldstein

Wendy Mayer

Wendy Ward

William Martin

Winker with an Eye

Woody Woodward

Adrienne Braswell

Adrienne Dealy

Alyse Black

Amanda Pearcy


Bill & Jackie James

Billy Joe Young

Blayne Perry

Brian MacLeod

Bruce Novotny

Carla Black

Carole Moody

Cat Reynolds

Cate Berry

Cathy Bartley

Cathy Petter

Charles Rieser

Chris Green

Chris Widmaier

Chrissie & Jimmy Joe Natoli

Christy Claxton

Chuck Litzell

Cinda Christian

Corinne Cannon

Courtney Thompson

Curtis Nichols

D.C. Bloom

Dale Kelley

David Carr

David Millman

Deanie Hammers

Deb Glancy

Deborah Schmidt

Dennis Jones

Dewey Breland

Diane Litke

Edgar Miles

Eileen Nistel Alter

Elizabeth Moorman

Eric Cadora

George Schifini

Gina Sigillito

Grant Hogarth

Harvey Thomas Young

Havilah Rand

Henry Eshelman

Ian Anderson

Ian Egan

Jackie Taylor

Jan Seides

Jana Pochop

Jeanne Philquist

Jeff Talmadge

Jenny Booth

Jessi Lynn

Jesssica Shepherd

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus

Joanna Castillo

Joe Strouse

John Lewis

Joshua Thelin

Joy Gooden

Karen Webb

Kari Blaine

Katie Gosnel

Kelley Smoot Garrett

Kiya Heartwood

Kris Nelson

Lana Schockley

Laura Nugent

Lenny Ashcraft

Lora Hinson

Lowell Rice

Marc Stuart

Mari Nicholson

Marilyn Berry

Mark Carpenter

Mark McConnell

love & blood is dedicated to

Charles Rieser

March 25, 1965 - December 9, 2014

Thanks to Daniel Barrett not only for his gifts as a producer and artist but for welcoming me so warmly to his creative home during a really challenging time. Thanks to every player who brought elegant beauty to this work. Thanks to my families both by blood and choice for their constant love and support. Thanks to the many friends who've carried me through rough waters. We’re all in this together.

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​© 2016 by Jean Synodinos

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