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love & blood is offered free to the world for download, but a "pay what you wish" donation makes it possible to defray final production costs for the album, keep this website going, and keep creating new music and art. 

here's why your support matters


Every artist will tell you three things: a) we're in a time of massive change in the way we offer our work to the world, b) change is good... but c) the new sharing economy makes it increasingly difficult to pay the bills from our work.


Consider this: in 2015, an unsigned indie musician in the U.S. needed to get 6,000 plays on Spotify every day to earn the minimum wage. Conversely, however, it only takes 1,000 donations of $15 to earn the same income. Crazy, huh?

Ten percent of all donations will go to the Sims Foundation which provides free and low-cost mental health and substance abuse services to musicians in austin, tx.
other ways to support the work


1. Share this site on Facebook and Twitter


2. Host a real-world or virtual house concert for you and your friends.

It's easy.  Just ask


3. Purchase the interactive iBook for love & blood
(coming in 2016)


4. Add original art to your walls.

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​© 2016 by Jean Synodinos

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